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Essential Blends for the Birth Kit (pkg. of 10)

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This 25 page booklet holds tips and tricks for blending while pregnant. This booklet contains precautions, and notes on how to use the oils safe & effectively while pregnant, as well as over 15+ blending recipes.


Created by Stephanie McBride, author of the Essential Oils for the Birth Kit E-Course. If you want to learn more, highly recommend tuning into this 8 module course. This course includes a series of eight keynote modules and includes photographs, research citations, charts, and formulations. Participants will gain confidence and earn general or CEU certification (US Certification only) for using essential oil therapy safely and effectively during every phase of maternal and newborn care.


About the Author Stephanie McBride has a unique distinction in her field for integrating traditional practices in nutrition and herbalism with principles of evidence-based research and constitutional medicine. She is a certified clinical herbalist, functional nutritionist, clinical aromatherapist master in process, and a professional educator and presenter at universities and for wellness conferences and webinars. Stephanie’s 25 years of botanical medicine study expand outside the classroom and cross-culturally, enriched by field studies in Native American, Western Eclectic, and Latin American herbalism.