Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are our products BPA Free? Yes. We strive to give you the best quality products, and work with our suppliers to ensure that they are all BPA Free.
  2. Do your diffusers meet the European safety certifications? Yes. All of our diffusers have met the European safety standards, and you can find the certificates of proof on the back of each box
  3. I do not see my country listing as a shipping option. What do I do? If you do not see your country listed, please contact and one of the team will have a look for you. We have over 60 listed countries we ship to, but we are always excited to work with new markets!
  4. How do you source your products? The majority of our products come from a select few suppliers that we work very closely with. Our founders have met the manufacturers face to face, visited the factories, and tested each of the products thoroughly prior to being made available to our customers
  5. My spray bottle top keeps leaking, do I have a faulty one? **Please note that to secure these bottles correctly, the lid which connects with the bottle must be turned one more time AFTER you think it is secure.  When this is tightened properly, it will lock the spray nozzle so it does not move and it will not leak
  6. How long does it normally take to ship? You can visit our shipping page with our update policy on our website here