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I Am Fabulous : Blends for Emotional Well Being (Wholesale Case Size 10)

I Am Fabulous : Blends for Emotional Well Being (Wholesale Case Size 10)

  • £125.00

I Am Fabulous, illustrates practical essential oil blends to help with emotional wellness and health.

You can Experience Emotional Wellness and Healing...TODAY

In this groundbreaking essential oil and emotional wellness guide Desiree will show you how to use oils and special blends to...

Clear clutter out of your life
Find direction and clarity
Still your mind
Increase momentum and wealth
Get over heartbreak
And much more....

Emotional Wellness through Topical Application

Essential oil users have been taught that using oils aromatically is the best way for the oils to affect both our moods and emotions. However, throughout her book, ‰Û÷I Am Fabulous,‰۪ Desiree Mangandog challenges this mainstream view.

Desiree concurs that aromas perceived by the olfactory sense do affect the brain and mood immediately; however, she's found in her practice that the topical application of essential oils on specific acupuncture points and meridians can yield an even greater change in mood.

Emotional Wellness through Colouring

Have you caught the bug, colouring books for adults?! Included, with each essential oil blend is a delightful line art picture, perfect for stress relief colouring. Emotional colouring is a fabulous addition to the other emotional wellness activities described. You won‰۪t want to miss out on the opportunity to deliberately pair emotional wellness and colouring pages, specifically matched with the best essential oil blends.

Why You Need the book -I Am Fabulous: Blends for Emotional Wellness

Now you can release the years of trapped emotions which have caused so much pain and anguish throughout your life. Finally achieve emotional healing you rightfully deserve by utilising the best combinations of specific essential oils and target the organ meridians.

Are you ready to start healing? Great, purchase a copy of I Am Fabulous for yourself and one for someone else you know is hurting and start sharing the healing!

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