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Essential Oils 101: Essential Oils for Beginners

Essential Oils 101: Essential Oils for Beginners

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Essential Oils 101" A short and simple guide that will teach you and your friends about the power of essential oils and the pleasure of using them in every occasion! They're often used for immune support, relaxation and sleep, stress relief, emotional balance, skin care, respiratory health, green cleaning, and even muscle tension and pain. By definition, essential oils are are the vital fluids of plants. These fluids are necessary for the life of the plant and contain life force, intelligence, and vibrational energy that gives them therapeutic properties that we can harness and use through distillation. Essential oils are composed of tiny molecules that can penetrate every cell, crossing the blood/brain barrier and support out body systems at the most fundamental and basic level. But not all essential oils actually contain these therapeutic properties. Many oils found at general health food stores contain additives or chemicals and may contain "plant juice" to some degree but not like real essential oils. That's why it is important to know how the oil is processed and what claims can be made for using it. This short guide was designed as an introduction for beginners to the rich and fascinating world of Essential Oils.

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